1. People always say follow your dreams, do what makes you happy, bla bla bla. But I’ve noticed that usually the people that say that have money. It’s a little hard to follow your dreams when you’re living with your parents, totally broke, with only a motor scooter to take you places.


  2. Wishing so much right now that I could go back to my 18 year old self and tell her what not to do.

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    goats are literally Masters of Physics


    The fourth dimension is not time.

    It is goat.

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    Dedicated to all te children who were most likely born from 1995-2003 who spent all their money on the cute cuddley webkinz.
    Our vengeance has finally come!

    you have got to be shitting me good lord jesus

    How are they so cheap

    They used to be so expensive omg

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  6. Johnny Depp making grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron.

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    how do i get over someone who i never dated

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    “‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’ sets course for 2017 release”



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  10. "I was one of those weird children that just couldn’t talk to people, so I kind of had to make myself be not like that because I knew it was going to hinder me." 

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    what in the fuck does my sister think she’s doing?

    god’s work

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  15. Peter & friends try to get Rapunzel to open her window (x)

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